The “Ocean Lights” Concert was organized by The New Winds Music & Arts Association (found by Thanh Hua in 2011) which is an Edmonton based organization whose main goals are to promote the cultural exchanges of Western and Oriental music and arts, and to provide opportunities for young talent to perform. The “Ocean Lights” concert is the first performance organized by this Association. “Ocean Lights” is the name of the Music & Dance Academy found by Mr. Ting Ji Yeh in Saigon, Vietnam in 1969. Because this concert involved a majority of former students and the majority of the program derived from the Baldwin Park Concert of October 2011, therefore it was thought proper to use the name “Ocean Lights” for this concert. Besides the Ocean Light Choir and Yen Yen Dancing group from L.A., The Edmonton Chinese Choir and The Red Maple Choir performed in this concert. To the Edmonton audience, this is a rare opportunity to hear over 50 choir members performing together and to see a different dance group perform other than the local Chinese Dancing groups in Edmonton. Overall, this concert earned favorable feedback from members of the audience.



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