Trachtengruppe Maria Alm
Trachtengruppe Maria Alm - AlpenhornsTrachtengruppe Maria AlmTrachtengruppe is German for performers in traditional costumes and the music they play is called Dorfabendmusi. We first saw this group on a Tuesday evening in Maria Alm where we have one of our timeshares. We were immediately captivated by their spontaneity and the pleasure they seemed to gather from their music as well as dance. There was none of the worn attitude of going through the motions. The dances they did were genuinely low-brow but I've always had a soft spot for them. These were young musicians having a good time and it was hard not to get caught up in the spirit.

Trachtengruppe Maria AlmLater when I was making arrangements for our wedding we remembered this group and hired them to play at our wedding. A sub-set of the group would play on the boat that would take us between the civil and religious ceremonies and from there to our dinner. Though the wedding coordinator who I was working with was dubious at the beginning when I first approached her with the idea, they performed brilliantly in cramped quarters and were a hit with all of our guests. I was even able to try my hand at playing the Alpenhorn and we were also given lessons on playing the musical saw. To this day my son still wants to learn how to play the saw! I can never repay them for the memories that they gave us on that most important day in our lives. It was truly magical and we met them later at a local restaurant where they continued to play music well into the night.

Trachtengruppe Maria AlmTrachtengruppe Maria AlmTrachtengruppe Maria AlmTrachtengruppe Maria AlmTrachtengruppe Maria AlmTrachtengruppe Maria Alm - Gerhard Gregor