Georgetown - Panang, Malaysia

One of the places that we visited in Malaysia was the island of Penang and its capital of Georgetown. Named after the British King George III, Penang was founded in 1786 by Francis Light. It was the first British trading post in the Far East. Where is quickly grew as a duty-free port. In a matter of just a few decades more than 10,000 settlers and traders had made Penang their home: Malays, Sumatrans, Indians and Chinese. We stayed at a charming hotel called the Eastern and Oriental or E & O for short which is located on the waterfront. While an island, Penang does not have a vibrant beach life due to the fact that it borders a natural shipping lane much like Singapore. Still there is much to do and is definitely worth a visit.

MalaysiaThe image with the three rickshaws was taken in front of the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, also known as "La Maison Bleu". Built by the legendary Chinese merchant who was known as "the Rockefeller of the East" who had eight wives and owned many residences throughout his trading empire but made Penang his base. The mansion had 38 rooms, 5 courtyards, 7 staircases and 220 windows. The bricks in the house were laid with painstaking and arduous detail after a thorough consultation with the era’s leading Feng Shui master.

Cheong Fatt Tze had arrived penniless from Guandong province in China at the tender age of 16. Determined to make his own way he amassed a vast fortune and was dubbed "one of China's last Mandarins and first capitalist. Upon his death in 1916 the British and Dutch authorities ordered that flags be flown at half mast to mark the passing of this remarkable gentleman.